We listen carefully to the wishes of our clients and advise them in which direction the project should go. Choosing the type of light and what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve, the technical development of control and installation requires knowledge and experience, which we use during our consultations in this initial phase of project creation. If there is an architect-interior designer for the project we are working on, then we coordinate our project with the designer himself.

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In order to create the lighting project itself, it is necessary to submit the existing project documentation to us if it exists in electronic form (dwg, pdf or jpg) or in paper form. In the event that the client is unable to provide the necessary data, we go out into the field and measure the existing condition and take photographs.


According to the collected data, the creation of the digital base itself in the CAD program, necessary for the creation of the lighting project, follows.



After consultation and agreement with the client, the project itself is created. The project is drawn on a base created according to the data collected in the CAD program. From the conceptual CAD solution, it is transferred to the Dialux or Relux software for light engineering calculations. In these programs, a 3D model of the object is created and the desired lighting is installed virtually. After that, lighting calculations are made. In the case of workplaces and similar situations where the light levels must be designed according to the standards (EN_12464-1), the project itself is developed in accordance with the satisfaction of the standards themselves. If necessary for the project itself, we also design the creation of a central lighting control system (DALI or DMX) and the elaboration of the network of lighting controllers and devices.


We deliver the project solution to the customer in the form of a blueprint (depending on the project, these are: floor plans, cross-sections, side plans, details, axonometrics…), a list and position of the selected equipment (a detailed list with photos of the device and additional equipment), connection schemes and a light technical report. The lighting technical study comes with displays of light intensity calculations and rendered 3D displays of the light level in the space. At the request of the client, we also create rendered animations for the best possible display and evocation of the lighting project.


Ground plan

The floor plan of the lighting fixtures serves us so that you can see the layout of the lighting and their organization, that is, the arrangement within them.

List of goods

A complete list of necessary parts, for easier orientation on the construction site.

3D View

Three-dimensional display of lighting in your space.


If necessary, we do animation for a better presentation of the project and to show the future appearance of the space with new lighting.

Lighting technology

Light calculations to predict the amount of light to meet legal standards.


We create a picture of your building with new lighting based on your wishes and the existing condition of the building.


Leave your project to our team, which with over 150 completed projects can certainly find a quality solution.

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